To the girl in waiting

To the girl in waiting…I’ve been in your shoes.

I watched friend after friend turn their crush into reality, a steady boyfriend by their side.

I day dreamed of prom dates that never were and went with “groups” to more events than I can count.

I longed for cozy movie nights and star gazing, hand in hand with a godly man.

I prayed for and wrote faithfully to the mystery man whose existence I doubted.

And then I met him. I was 21 and he was my first date.

Even then I waited still, cautious not to give out my heart quickly and diligent to set boundaries I knew were God-honoring even if my flesh wanted otherwise. I waited to see how this man treated me and loved and followed God.

In engagement, I waited as the big day loomed ahead. I navigated planning while remembering the covenant of marriage was “not yet.”

It’s true, Mason exceeded my expectations AND MORE. He was worth the wait. But it turns out, waiting for and finding Mason will never cure my need for a Greater Love.

You see, life is not about the wait. It’s not even about the person at the end of the aisle. Regardless of how amazing they are, they will let you down. But the true Love of my life, Jesus, was with me the whole time and will never let me down.

Jesus was the One protecting me from heart break, directing me away from people and situations that weren’t best. He was the One revealing His just, loving, all-powerful nature as I spent time with Him. He was the One who comforted my loneliness and gave me eternal purposes as I shared with those who didn’t know that. Most of all, He was the One who saved me from my sins through his perfect life, death and resurrection.

Your life isn’t about preparing for your earthly lover, but rather your Heavenly one. He is so much greater than any fulfilled crush, prom date or movie night could even get close to being.

Don’t believe the notion that you have to “wait” on something to be fully alive and valuable. The ONLY thing that will transform you is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To the girl in waiting, I’ve found the one whom my soul longs for, and I’m not talking about Mason. You can find Him too. And He will change your life.

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