True change begins with your heart

I woke up in the middle of the night recently. That never happens to me. Here’s why.

I felt anxious and my mind was racing with all that’s happening in our world. In my dreams, I kept seeing the faces of people protesting, pleading for change. When I woke up, I flipped open my Bible to Psalms and poured over the words.

I want there to be change in our world. I want there to be peace. I also want people to know the wholly redeeming power of Jesus. But where does that begin?

It begins with CHANGE in MY heart. And YOUR heart. But this change doesn’t come from ourselves.

I’ve been asking God to search my heart for any offensive way (Psalm 138:23-24). I’ve been asking God to give me eyes to see people and situations as He does (Psalm 119:18). Until I have God’s eternal power living within me, my actions will be powerless.

And there are so many people around me living without knowledge of God’s saving power. Honestly, there will never be any change without the surrendering of one’s heart to the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. That genuine faith comes through grace alone in Christ alone.

Oh, but the heart change isn’t where it ends! Our faith prompts us to action (James 2:14-26). We must speak the truth and live in ways that are holy. We must continue to learn, to listen, to confess, to act more like Christ.

But most importantly, we must do everything in step with our Heavenly Father—making the gospel our heart cry all along the way.


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