Meet Marina

Welcome, friends!

If we don’t already know each other in person, I want you to know how much I would rather pull up a chair next to you and chat than type these words your reading. But I guess for now, this will have to do.

My name is Marina Shelton. I’m a Jesus follower, entrepreneur, wife to Mason, and lover of people! By day I’m the Communications Associate for Website and Social Media at the Kentucky Baptist Convention. But every other moment is spent dreaming, writing, planning, leading, learning, listening, and everything in between! It’s my goal that EVERY person be inspired by the gospel of Jesus Christ and live it out in their daily lives. This site is one resource by which I want to see that accomplished.

I view The Pursuit as a training program. This blog was an idea the Lord laid on my heart in July of 2015 as I was healing from a particular difficult season of life. The site was called Pursuit of Your First Love at that time. At first, it began as an escape–a platform on which I could express my thoughts, feelings, questions, and frustrations. However, over time, I began to recognize the hurt, brokenness, and lack of preparation in women just like me. I wanted to do something about it.

In recent years, Mason and I experienced more brokenness through two miscarriages and the loss of other dear family members. Those trials sent us reeling and seeking God’s wisdom and guidance. It was out of that season that we wrote our first full Bible study, Transforming Trials. Both of us spend time traveling, speaking, and sharing what God has laid on our hearts. I pray you will check out this book and other devotionals I’ve written in my Shop.

My vision for this site is to provide resources that would help guide in EVERY aspect of spiritual life. So often our Bible studies become disjointed from our travel plans and cooking ventures. But they don’t have to! Our God is the LORD of ALL! This site is a way to practice Biblical stewardship in every area, learning from each other along the way.

I didn’t start this blog to be famous or to put myself on a pedestal of “godliness.” In fact, the purpose is quite the opposite. We look to Christ’s example, not that of man. I don’t care if I write these words for 5 readers or 5,000–as long as Christ is glorified.

Even though I’m not there to meet you in person, I hope you’ll pull up that chair, grab a warm beverage, and dive into this training as we embrace The Pursuit.

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