3 reasons to make studying the Bible part of your daily life

I can remember seeing my parents study their Bibles in the quiet of each morning. “Why is this so important to them?” I always wondered.

In my many years of walking with the Lord, I’ve discovered countless reasons why daily Bible reading is crucial in my life and spiritual walk. But these are a few notable ones I wanted to share with you.

We don’t do this to be legalistic or check a box. Rather, I view it as an opportunity to get to know the God of the universe as He has revealed Himself to me through His Word! What a privilege!

Just because it’s January 25 doesn’t mean it’s too late to start a new habit of daily Bible reading. Here are three reasons why studying the Bible should become a part of your daily life.

1. It will grow your understanding of God’s promises and character.

Just like spending time with a person increases your understanding of them and their character, the same is true for God. Reading God’s Word is the most important way to know Him more deeply, and it’s something we have the honor and opportunity of doing each day.

2. It will convict you of ways you need to change to become more like Christ.

Our faith is meaningless if it doesn’t change us. And our changes must be aligned with truth. That’s where God’s Word comes in. Reading it will increase our awareness of God’s laws and how we can obey Him with our lives.

3. It will guide your steps in wisdom and knowledge of the truth.

Wisdom is something we all pursue, but *true* wisdom is only found in God’s Word. In a world looking for truth, it’s incredible that we know where to find it each step of the way.

It’s an incredible honor to read and study God’s Word with our lives. So why not make it a daily habit?

One thought on “3 reasons to make studying the Bible part of your daily life

  1. motiv8n says:

    I love how this book has helped me to understand my parents better. They used to study the Bible every morning and it was a big part of their morning routine. I’m so glad I can now do the same!


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