Embracing your new life in Christ

It’s impossible to embrace your new life in Christ if you’re still clinging to your old life habits and sins.

Colossians 3 has some strong words for us about putting off our old selves. And friends, this is something we all need to hear.

If we are a follower of Christ, our old selves have died with Him (Col 3:3). We now life a new and redeemed life that will be raised with Him! Hallelujah!

Because of this shift in our identity, we have been called to do two things.

1. Put to death what is earthly

This includes everything from sexual immorality and impurity to anger, gossip, and jealousy.

2. Put on godly qualities

This includes compassion, kindness, humility, patience, and unity.

You might have glossed right over that last list, but to be honest, pursuing Christ-like qualities is HARD! It goes against everything our flesh wants. But it is truly impossible to experience the extend of the new life we have in Christ without casting off those sinful habits our flesh craves.

Let’s practice this “putting off” and “putting on” together!

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