Staying connected with God in a routine-less world

I always find it hard to stay close to the Lord during seasons where I’m out of routine. If there was ever a routine-less time, it’s COVID-19 and summertime.

As believers, we must guard our hearts, time, and attention by PLANNING ahead.

How do we connect with God well during these seasons?

1. Read God’s Word

If you’re out of routine, pressed for time, or traveling, this is usually the first thing forgotten. But setting aside even 5 minutes at the beginning or end of the day to read a few verses can give you a powerful truth to meditate on. You can also download the Bible app to have it right on your phone!

2. Pray

Place post-it prayer reminders around your house, make a prayer list, start a prayer journal, set prayer alarms—whatever it takes to remind yourself of the importance of conversing with your Savior.

3. Seek community with believers

Nothing can substitute for chats and encouragement with other believers. Schedule a call or get-together with an edifying friend who will always point you back to Christ.

If you feel frustrated by the chaos and uncertainty of your life right now, you have a unique opportunity to seek God’s peace and Presence in the midst of it. Don’t give up on your walk with God. Instead, pull out your journal or notes app and begin planning ways to draw close to the Lord even when you’re out of routine.

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