What does it mean to be authentic?

In preparation for this post, I asked several friends what they think it means to be authentic. Here’s what I kept seeing over and over: Authenticity means being “open,” “honest,” “genuine,” “real with your emotions,” “having actions that match words.”

But I learned a new definition of AUTHENTICITY recently that takes these ideas to a deeper level: Authenticity means STRIVING to be who you were CREATED to be.

Think about it, a U.S. dollar only has “true value” because of who it was created by—the U.S. Mint. Don’t believe me? Try printing a $20 bill off your home printer and see how much you can buy with it.

We have value because of our Creator—God. We are authentic when we live out His purposes for our lives. Authenticity says just as much about the Creator as it does about the creation.

So who exactly were we created to be?

When God formed your life, He created your personality, your physical appearance, your talents and skills. He knew how you would grow and develop into the person you are today. But the sole purpose of your creation—and the creation of all humanity—is to KNOW God and makes Him KNOWN.

We are our truest selves when we have intimate relationship and communion with the Lord and use our talents, abilities, life story and personality to bring glory and honor to Him!

Don’t be afraid to use every part of yourself—even the parts you’d prefer to hide—to know and share the saving grace of Christ with this lost and dying world. That’s who you who you were created to be. That’s true authenticity.

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