My Victorious Surrender

Today, I will not be prideful. Instead, I will be taken over by the humility of Christ.

Today, I will not let the past hurt of others to hinder me from loving Christ. Instead, I will pursue a passionate, personal, loving relationship with my Savior—the source of my satisfaction. He is what has been missing, not the acceptance of others.

Today, I will not pursue having the best grades, the best looks, the best life, the best, job, the most money, and the best guy. Instead I will boast in my GREAT God—He is what’s best in my life.

Today, I will not dwell in my insecurities and let them slip into my life and interactions. Instead, I will give them over to God and worry about them no more.

Today, I will not treat my body as a means of acceptance and comfort, but instead as a holy and pure vessel for the Lord’s use and exultation.

Today, I will not rely on other people’s opinions of me, but instead rely on God’s opinion of who I am.

Today, I will not compare my experiences, strengths, weaknesses, or traits to others. Instead, I will trust that God has crafted and created my life and being for a reason that is higher than my own.

Today, I will not seek recognition for service or dwell in the pride that comes along with it. Instead, I will find my satisfaction in serving my Savior faithfully in secret.

Today, I will ask God to empty me of me. I will decrease so that He may increase.

Today, grace will be enough for me. I will no longer live under the weight of my own perfectionistic law.

Today, I am not in charge. Instead, I will trust that God’s plans are best, and beyond what I could ever ask or imagine. I will not limit what I will allow Him to do through me.

Today, I will not be afraid to make mistakes. Instead, I will trust the Lord’s guiding hand above my own goodness.

Today, I will not grumble or complain. Instead, I will live with JOY!

Today, I will love others more than I love myself.

Today, I will not worry about ANYTHING. Instead, I will cast my cares and fears on Him who cares for me.

Today, I will not find freedom in doing what I want to do, but instead find it in what He wants for me.

Today, I will give my whole heart over to God, instead of keeping some of it for myself.

Today, I will forgive without knowing every reason why. I must let go of what I can’t control.

Today, I will remember that contentment is realizing that what I have is what I’ve wanted and needed all along, instead of dwelling on what I can’t have and don’t need.

Today, I will surrender.


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