The Courage to Let Go

We’ve all heard the phrase “Let go and let God.” While it may seem cliché, letting go is WAY more difficult than it may seem. Personally, letting go is a struggle for me because I am a perfectionist. I can’t let things go because I want everything to be perfect. But that isn’t reality. Things go wrong, people hurt you, plans get changed, tragedy happens. What we don’t often realize is that we let these things consume us. We grab onto any form of control we can get. What’s worse—we lie to ourselves about the power other things and other people have over us.

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For example, many of us have had friends, romantic relationships, or habits that we think are kinda bad for us, but aren’t so drastically bad that we feel like we have to cut off ties completely. In reality, we’re mainly scared to cut off ties because we want control over those things, we feel like we need them, or at least really, really want them.

And there’s always the “what if’s.”

“Well I would stop talking to him for good, but WHAT IF he starts being nicer and wants to be with me again.

“I would stop being close friends with her, but WHAT IF I don’t get invited to the party.”

“I would stop spending excessive amounts of time on social media, but WHAT IF I miss an important post.”

Even though these excuses may seem stupid, if we’re honest, we think a lot of stupid things on a daily basis. We constantly question God’s authority and lose sight of our trust in Him by running unlikely, frightening, and meaningless scenarios through our minds instead of allowing our minds to be guarded by His peace and Sovereignty. We refuse to release control.

Today I want you to know that you should NEVER be afraid of letting go, of cutting off a relationship or habit completely. Why? Because honestly, true healing from something only comes when you are completely removed from it.

Think about it like this. Jesus has given us the opportunity to be completely free from sin. He gives us the chance to cut off ties with our evil side. This is an incredible gift that brings satisfaction, joy, and peace like no other. But so often we go back to the sinful habits. We want to keep ties with our old way of life. WHY?? Are we stupid?! Yes. Jesus wants us to LIVE in freedom, on a daily basis. If we hold on to people or habits or thoughts that aren’t building us up because we think there may be a small chance that something will change someday, we are foolish.
2175212_origJesus wants us to be free of all things that drag us down. His sacrifice gives us a chance to be separated from our sin so we can heal. By having the courage to let go of bad relationships and habits, we have the chance to heal from the hurt we’ve been burying inside for so long. I know from experience that it is so important to let go so you can move on. God has so many incredible things in store for you, but when you let someone or something else manipulate your mind and emotions, you are limiting what you will allow God to do with your life. It’s all one big, terrible, cycle. Only Jesus can set you free of it. Run, my friend, RUN back to your First Love.

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