Egg-cellent Evangelism Tools

Easter is naturally a GREAT time to share the good news of Jesus with your friends and family! In fact, Easter and Christmas are crucial holidays to vocalize your faith, as many people observe them in one way or another. However, it can be hard to know where to start. Below, I have compiled three unique ways to share the gospel alongside Easter celebrations:

1. Easter Egg Hunt

Everyone loves a good Easter egg hunt! But this fun outdoor tradition can easily be transformed into a spiritually meaningful activity for your friends and family.

Alongside candy, place different slips of paper with words or phrases that have to do with the Easter story. Once all the eggs are found, have participants put pieces of the story in order and read aloud. If kids are involved, you can even add another small prize for the group that puts the story together the quickest.

2. Egg Analogy

Throughout your Easter festivities, buy a few extra eggs with candy inside, but add an extra slip of paper explaining how an egg symbolizes the resurrection.

  • close-up-cooking-decoration-2067438The hard shell of the egg represents the tomb Jesus was placed in after He was crucified.
  • Cracking the egg represents the empty tomb after Jesus resurrected, overcoming sin and death!
  • The egg itself represents new life that we can find in Jesus alone.

See the template I use here. As you hand it to them, explain what the slip of paper says and use it as an opportunity to engage them in a gospel conversation.

3. Dying Easter Eggs

If you enjoy dying Easter eggs, invite a new family or friend group over to your house to participate in the festivities! However, don’t just dye them any color. Follow this list for “Colors of Salvation Eggs” to talk your guests through the Easter story and what it means to become a Christian.

  • Purple: God’s Grace
  • Black: Sin
  • Blue: Baptism
  • Red: Blood of Jesus
  • White: Forgiveness of Sin
  • Green: Eternal Life
  • Gold: Heaven

These are just a few of the many ways you can make your Easter traditions more spiritually meaningful. After all, Jesus’ resurrection is the single most important event in all of history that we should celebrate, talk about, and instill in the next generation! To Him be the glory!

For more on Easter Evangelism, check out “How to Use Easter Eggs to Share the Gospel” by Susie Rain and “14 Fun Easter Evangelism ideas.” Their ideas were helpful in my research for this post.


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